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How To Work Out Your Thobe/Jubba Size?

We understand how vital it is to have the perfect fitting to your thobe. This is why our size guide has 15 different thobe sizes, covering all body shapes! Seeing a size guide like that can be overwhelming. Hence, we have a step by step process to assist you in measuring your size guide:

Step 1: Length

Measure from the top of your shoulder towards the neck, down to your ankle. Keep in mind how long or short you would prefer the thobe to be. We would recommend keeping your thobe size above the ankles in order to follow Islamic guidelines.

Step 2: Chest Width

Measure from just under one armpit to the other, leaving a bit of room for comfort.

Step 3: Sleeve Length

Measure your shoulder down to your wrist.

Step 4: Size Guide

Use the size guide under each thobe design to match the above measurements.

If you still require assistance, contact our team on the website live chat and we will be happy to assist you with finding your thobe size.

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