Inspired by minimalism and high street fashion, Al-Aniq was created to fill the void in the market for premium handmade thobes and abayas. We provide a range of diverse modest wear to suit all styles. We aim to source high end and affordable Muslim wear.

Our designs are made to endorse modesty, style and elegance whilst focusing on providing top-quality in the market. Our thobes and abayas are inspired from the latest trends around the globe whilst simultaneously adhering to the Islamic guidelines of modesty. We believe in providing exclusive and exceptional Muslim clothing to customers around the globe. Over the past few years, we have shown the proven ability to sell high quality products resulting in maximum customer satisfaction. Our products have appealed at large to the Muslim community due to the distinctiveness of our brand and the excellence of our products.

We do not resell mediocre products already in the market. Each of our products are designed and manufactured for you, with countless hours of thought put into the quality to ensure they last. We occasionally sell products from select partners who share our ethos on quality and care.

We ensure our products also meet social and moral responsibilities. Our manufacturing is ethical, and our ethos on giving back resonates through who we are as a Muslims.