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Our First Official Thobe Stockist! | Ferozi London | East London Shopping Mall

We have a major announcement to make! We have just gone ahead with our first official stockist deal Alhumdulillah! Our thobes are officially going to be stocked within East London Mall at Ferozi London.

Our skilled team have worked tirelessly behind the scenes aiming to secure the perfect location for our thobes. The immense effort ,the sheer amount of research and grafting and labour required for the creation of each individual thobes is immense. To compliment this we needed a place that would do justice to our brand and coincide with our ethos.

The initial meeting with the owner of Ferozi London was enthralling, leaving us in no doubt the plunge into in-store sales had to be with him. His ethos and work ethics coincided with ours and the vision and tenacity behind his beautiful store was evident.

Ferozi London is a multi-brand fashion house, known for stocking some of the top brands by the most talented designers. Customer satisfaction and delivering only high quality products are at the forefront of their services. Hence, we are honoured to have Al-Aniq branded thobes in their boutique.

East London Mall is known for their bridal and partywear. We noticed that most of our customers were shopping for events, weddings and occasions. This made East Shopping mall the perfect place for our clothing. This would give our customers a chance to view and buy our products in-person if they wish to do so.

With the majority of our customers based in London, we knew we had to have a location for viewing and purchasing in this city. In addition to this, securing the perfect location which is also a popular place to shop, making their trip convenient and worth-while.

This has been a major step forward for our brand and we hope to collaborate with compatible stores in the near future InshaAllah.

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