short sleeve thobes for summer and loungewear
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How short sleeve thobes will be your ultimate ally this summer

Summer is just around the corner! Holidays and ice cream await us… But also the heat! So how can we avoid suffering from the heat if we’re often out and about, but still dressed modestly? Al aniq has the solution for you: The short sleeve thobe! We explain why this thobe will be your ideal ally this summer.


  • What is a short sleeve thobe
  • Why short sleeve thobe is a perfect choice for you
  • Al aniq’s short sleeve’s collection

What is a short sleeve thobe

A short sleeve thobe or Moroccan Gandura is a variation of the traditional thobe garment, featuring shorter sleeves that typically reach the elbow or mid-arm. Here’s a breakdown of its key characteristics:

  • Similar Design: It maintains the overall design of a thobe – a long, loose-fitting robe.
  • Shorter Sleeves: The defining feature is the shorter sleeves compared to the traditional thobe which has full-length sleeves reaching the wrists.
  • Practicality and Comfort: Short sleeves offer greater breathability and freedom of movement, making them ideal for warmer climates or summer seasons.
  • Style Variations: Short sleeve thobes come in a variety of styles and materials, catering to different preferences. They can be as simple or as elaborately designed as traditional thobes.

The main differences between a normal thobe and a short sleeve thobe

  • Sleeve Length: The most obvious difference is the length of the sleeves. A normal thobe has long sleeves that typically reach the wrist, while a short sleeve thobe has sleeves that end above the elbow or at the elbow.
  • Style and Design: Short sleeve thobes often have a more casual or relaxed style compared to normal thobes, which are more formal. The shorter sleeves give them a different look and feel.
  • Season and Climate: Short sleeve thobes are more suitable for warmer climates or seasons, providing better ventilation and comfort in hot weather. Normal thobes with long sleeves are better suited for cooler climates or seasons.
  • Occasions: Normal thobes are commonly worn for formal or special occasions, such as weddings, religious ceremonies, or important gatherings. Short sleeve thobes are more suitable for casual or everyday wear.
  • Functionality: Short sleeve thobes offer more freedom of movement and are less restrictive than normal thobes with long sleeves. They can be more practical for activities that require more movement.
  • Tradition: In some cultures, the length of the sleeves on a thobe may have traditional or cultural significance. Short sleeve thobes may be less traditional in certain contexts compared to normal thobes.

Why short sleeve is a perfect choice for you 

Now that we’ve explained what a short-sleeved thobe is, let’s take a look at some of the things that make it ideal for this summer:

  • A widely available garment: traditionally reserved for high dignitaries, it is now accessible to all strata of society.
  • Can be worn for almost any occasion: whether you’re heading to the mosque or even for Aid Day, this thobe is an excellent choice.
  • An ideal summer asset: thanks to its fullness and short sleeves, you’ll be sure to stay cool this summer.

Al Aniq’s short sleeve thobe collection

Aware of the growing demand for short-sleeved thobes, we offer a collection of these granment. And as usual, we offer you the best value for money! Choosing your short-sleeved thobes at Al aniq means:

  •  Perfect lightweight thobe fabric for summer.
  • Loungewear throughout the year.
  • Affordable prices.
  • A range of different colours to choose from!
  • The ideal gift for your loved ones!

The short-sleeved thobe is the ideal summer garment. In addition to its versatility and practicality, it’s available at an affordable price and with a wide choice of colors. Take a look at our collection and get ready for an enjoyable summer in modest style.

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