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We specialise in Men's designer thobes and jubbas that are of premium quality. We supply casual Omani thobes for everyday wear and we sell thobes for occasions. Our thobes have been meticulously designed, paying careful attention to details. From the buttons to the fabric used, we guarantee top quality and unique designs. We offer affordable luxury thobes with unbeatable quality. We aim to use the best fabric in the market to ensure durability of all of our modest clothing. Shop for men’s thobes and jubbas on our website now for the best quality and price! Read More

Thobe Categories

At Al Aniq, we aim to cater to everyone’s different style, hence we have a massive range of varied colours and thobe designs. Explore the different categories we cater for below:

1. Zip Omani Thobes

Our Omani thobes are one of our most popular choices. We have designed ours to be unique with the concealed zip reaching to the top of the stomach, enabling a more comfortable fit. These jubbas are perfect for everyday wear and casual/informal settings. We have made this thobe available in two different fabrics: Vietnam shiny fabric and Japanese cotton.

2. Emirati Thobes

Our Emirati thobes are the classic tassel thobes commonly worn in the UAE. They are known to be timeless and traditional, often worn for special occasions. Our White Emirati Thobe is the most popular choice due to its popularity in the Middle East. All tassels are detachable, allowing customers to wear their thobe with or without the tassel, according to their preference.

3. Collar Thobes

Our collar thobes are a part of our luxury thobe collection, designed to stand the test of time. Handcrafted with Japanese Cotton, they are luxurious and durable, commonly worn for weddings, Nikkahs, Eid, and other special occasions. They are designed to be sophisticated and elegant, making them the ultimate choice for occasion wear.

4. Short Sleeve Thobes

Our short sleeve thobes are the most affordable thobes at Al Aniq. Designed for warmer days or lounge wear, they are made from a cotton blend, making them lightweight, comfortable, and durable. They are available in a variety of colours and feature a zip for convenience in everyday wear.

5. Embroidery Thobes

Our embroidery thobes are elegant and fashionable, available in both collared and collarless styles, and in many different colours. They feature intricate embroidery, handcrafted with special attention to detail, using luxurious and durable Japanese Cotton. These thobes are timeless, making them a lasting addition to any wardrobe.

6. White Thobes

Our entire white thobe range is popular and in demand due to the timelessness of the colour. White thobes are versatile, suitable for everyday and occasion wear. We offer 9 designs in our white thobe range in both collared and collarless styles.

7. Pleat Thobes

Our pleat thobes are classy, timeless, and elegant, available in many colours. Designed to be collarless with special attention to perfecting the pleats on the chest, they are versatile and sophisticated.

8. Wedding Thobes

Our wedding thobes are luxurious, made with Japanese Cotton and designed with intricate and subtle details, perfect for special occasions.

Why Our Men's Jubbas Are The Best On The Market?

  • Thousands of trusting customers – View our reviews page to see what the hype is all about when it comes to our thobes.
  • 100% risk-free purchase – money-back guarantee – see our returns page for our flexible policies.
  • Perfect Fit Guaranteed – Use our size form to find your thobe size within 30 seconds.
  • Flexible Payment Methods – We accept debit and credit cards, PayPal, and Klarna payments on all orders.
  • Excellent customer service – Our WhatsApp chat and email are always available for any questions or enquiries. We take pride in our reputation for outstanding customer service. Read our reviews to be convinced!
  • Most varied colour range on the market – We have sourced many colours and made them available in as many thobe styles as possible.
  • Super-Fast Dispatch – We aim to dispatch all orders within 24 hours of receiving them.
  • Super-Fast Delivery – We have proven ability to deliver orders within a few working days. Our customer reviews often rave about our delivery service.
  • International Delivery – We ship our thobes within 3-5 working days to any country in the world!
  • 8 Years Experience In The Thobe Market – We are one of the most reputable brands due to our long-standing experience in the thobe industry.
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