Elegant white thobe with buttoned placket and mandarin collar, modeled against a vintage window grille, showcasing a blend of traditional and modern design
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Introducing Our White Thobe Collection

Answering our most asked question: ‘ Do you have this thobe in white?’ How about an entire white thobe collection?

We have designed 12 different white thobes for this collection, guaranteeing that we have a thobe style to suit everyone.

White thobes are a must-have for all wardrobes, especially for formal occasions and religious ceremonies. The colour symbolises purity and simplicity, making white kandooras understated and classy.

Explore the different thobe styles below:

White Saudi Thobes

White saudi collar thobe

Our Saudi thobes have been designed to be wardrobe classics. They are well known and commonly worn in Saudi Arabia. The design has been around for decades, making this style super timeless. They are designed with a collar to maintain a smart polished look.

White Emirati Thobes

Model wearing a white Emirati thobe offering a classic and refined look for special events or everyday wear

Our White Emirati Thobe is commonly worn in the UAE. This white Emirati kandura is an essential part of the cultural identity of the region. The design is modest and conservative, reflecting the cultural and religious values of the region. The style is super versatile as it can work as an occasion thobe or an everyday casual thobe.

White Omani Thobes

White cotton thobe | Zip omani thobe for men

Our White Omani Thobe has been designed to be a practical everyday thobe. We have the style available in cotton and in shiny polyester. The thobe has a long zip going along the chest to enable comfort and convenience.

White Bahraini Thobes

White bahraini thobe

Our White Bahraini Thobe is known for its intricate embroidery, making the kandura elegant and sophisticated. This style is commonly worn in Bahrain. It is a common choice for formal occasions, due to its elegant style.

White Embroidery Thobes

A man wearing a white with gold embroidery along the chest.

Our white embroidery thobes have been designed with intricate embroidery. The embroidery itself is a very lengthy task, which requires immense concentration and attention to detail in order to acquire perfection. Our embroidery thobes have always been a popular choice for occasions. Embroidery on a white thobe makes it ideal for nikah, weddings and other ceremonies. Our range includes a collarless and collared white embroidery thobes, to provide variety to our customers.

White Short Sleeve Thobe

White short sleeve thobe | White thobes for men

Our white short sleeve thobe has been designed for casual wear at home and outdoors. The thobe fabric used to manufacture this thobe is lightweight and breathable, making the thobe comfortable. Designed with a zip, this thobe is a convenient choice.

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