Abaya Giftbox
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Luxury Gift Boxes Now Available! Treat Your Loved Ones!

The Story Behind Our Giftboxes

At Al-Aniq, we aim to focus on the needs of our customers. We realised that many of our customers were buying thobes & abayas as gifts, especially around Eid time. Therefore, we saw that there was a need to supply luxury giftboxes, in order to make their gifts extra special!

Our luxury giftboxes, are an aspect of our branding we were working towards for a very long time. It was important for us to choose the best ribbon, tissue paper, stickers and boxes. We intended to make it as sleek and elegant as possible, perfecting each detail!

Why Choose Our Giftboxes?

Buying gifts can be super stressful around Eid time and for occasions. I’m sure we can all relate to the struggles we have when choosing gifts for men in particular! What do we buy them? What will they actually make good use of? We tend to go back to gifting them the same things, like perfumes and watches. It is so exhausting thinking of something unique and luxurious, yet practical!

Its the same struggle every time Eid or another occasion comes around! We can spend hours browsing for the perfect luxury gift without any luck!

Well, we believe our luxury giftboxes are perfect gift ideas for men. They all need thobes for Ramadhan, Eid and other occasions. Also, the luxury giftboxes mean that you no longer need to hassle with wrapping your present!

The same solution is found for the abayas! Simply choose an abaya for your loved one and send it directly to them gift-wrapped. No more hassling with wrapping paper, giftboxes and tissue paper! No more last minute trips to the shops to make sure the gift is wrapped perfectly! We have sorted out the stressful part for you and we can have it delivered to the recipient if you wish.

How To Get Our Luxury Giftboxes With Your Orders?

All abayas & thobes that have been labelled as premium on our website, come with a complimentary giftbox, included within the product price. Therefore, you are not liable for any additional add-on costs! An amazing deal for your luxury purchase!

All other products on our website have an add-on option below them for the giftboxes. They have an additional cost to them and are not included within the product price. You must pay an additional charge of £4.99 to get your abaya/thobe gift-wrapped within a giftbox.

Also, we have an option of adding a note to the giftbox. This option is only available with the premium and giftbox orders.

Thobe Giftboxes

We realise that when it comes to gift wrapping, we all have our preferences!

Some people prefer a more subtle giftbox without any ribbon, whilst some of us want to go the extra mile in making it as lavish as possible!

We realised that many people did not prefer a ribbon and bow tied on their thobe giftboxes. We kept this in mind, whilst designing our thobe giftboxes and decided to exclude the ribbon in the premium thobes. However, we have given an option under our premium thobes to add on a ribbon if you prefer it.

This makes our giftboxes suited to all preferences!

Abaya Giftboxes

When it came to the abayas, most people preferred an extra lavish and luxury look to the giftbox.

Keeping this in mind, the abaya giftboxes were designed with the ribbon.

However, we understand that everyone has their own preferences and we would like to cater to everyone’s varying needs.

If you would prefer a giftbox without a ribbon, simply leave a note with your order and we will make sure to gift wrap accordingly!

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